or the crazy bet of two brothers

After great vintages after the Second War, this type of wine became increasingly difficult to sell, as the taste of young generation was changing. A series of difficult vintages in the 60's brought Max de Pontac to take a painful decision: the pulling out of the entire vineyard. It was the first time it happened for a classified growth. We are in 1976.

When the Count de Pontac died in April 1988, his children, then living in Paris, would like to run again the Château de Myrat estate, but surprise, the planting rights attached to the land would expire in a few months. The case is important and the decision can not wait: the brothers Jacques and Xavier de Pontac decide to take up the challenge : in a few weeks, the original 55 acres have been reworked, 150,000 vines are selected and replanted, the team of winegrowers is set up, the winery will be fully restored the following year.

«Barsac: the resurrection of château de Myrat» «A marvelous revival!» Sud-Ouest.

For 3 years, the work of young vines will be able to produce in 1991 the fourth leaf and the first vintage of Chateau de Myrat. 1992-1994 vintages were delicate, victims of frost. Since 1995, the wine of Chateau de Myrat is constantly increasing in expression to be qualified in 2001 by the Revue du Vin de France «one of the best Bordeaux wines»! Myrat is today known and recognized among the greatest. This fantastic bet is an excellent example of the motto of the Pontac family "Spe sine spe" - "Hoping against hope".

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