Myrat: one of the most exquisite property in the area

Set on the « Haut-Barsac » plateau, a limestone-clay soil on fissured limestone bedrock, the château de Myrat is a property of 30 hectares all over the domain: 22 hectares of vines and 8 of park.
This chateau in a very pure style, was re-built in 1730 on very ancient vaults by Mr. Demirat, who was a lawyer under the reign of King Louis XIV.
This elegant charterhouse is build around a central part made of freestones, from which are going two wings leading to the garden.

If it happened to you to go for a walk into this unique place of charm and calm, you may see in the English garden or through the wood of centuries-old trees, the peacocks, pheasants, squirrels or roe deers that are living there.

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Chateau de Myrat -




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