Bordeaux winegrowers for more than 400 years

The Pontac family became famous as early as the 16th century with Jean de Pontac who in 1533 founded the chateau Haut-Brion estate, a noble but invigorating mission. He lived 101 years, through the reigns of Louis XII, François Ist, Henri II, Charles IX and Henri III.

One century later, his descendant Arnaud de Pontac founded out the notion of « growth » links to a delimited terroir. He became in 1660 Chairman of the Bordeaux Parliament, on par with the well-known philosopher Montaigne and Montesquieu. He brought to fame a new type of wine, which became known under the name of « French Claret ». In 1666, as greater and greater success was met, he participated in the opening in London of a tavern called « Pontac’s Head », which shortly became one of the most fashionable places in the city!

Since that stage, the members of the Pontac family have managed several wine estates in the appellations of Bordeaux, Sauternes or Graves.

In 1937, earl Max de Pontac, who wanted to continue the deep family affection to Bordeaux wines, bought the château de MYRAT estate, located on the limestone plateau of Barsac. He has been running this splendid classified great growth of Sauternes for more than 40 years.

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