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Once picked, the grapes are immediately pressed in order to avoid oxidation. The pressure is gentle and delicate to obtain a very pure juice. It needs to be ended every evening.

After a slight settling, the must is transferred into barrels where the fermentation can start. Natural yeasts present in the grape juice will transform the sugars into alcohol. Around 13,5-14% vol. will the fermentation stops, leaving part of the grape juice sugars not transformed into alcohol. We call that « residual sugar », which will give the wine this luscious sweet character and will evolve in time in the bottle.

The balance between alcohol, residual sugar, acidity and flavours of botrytis will give each vintage its own expression.

At château de Myrat, each day of picking is fermented in separated barrel. This separation allows a strict quality control which will lead to a better selection of days of picking during the final blending of château de Myrat.

Fermentations are usually ended at the end of December.

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